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Wilderness Skills Articles

Alderleaf Wilderness College produces free "how-to" wilderness skills articles and information to help you learn about wilderness survival, wild edible & medicinal plants, permaculture & sustainable living skills, wildlife tracking, birding & bird language, outdoor education, and other nature skills. You can browse by category or view our complete listing of wilderness skills articles below.


Wilderness Survival Articles
Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Articles
Permaculture Articles
Wildlife Tracking Articles
Birding and Bird Language Articles
Outdoor Education Articles
Additional Nature & Wilderness Articles

Wilderness Survival Articles

- Basics of Wilderness Survival Shelters
- Making Fire with Bow and Drill
- Primitive Fire Making with Flint and Steel
- Making Arrowheads: The Art of Flint Knapping: A Basic Overview
- Wilderness Survival Foods
- How to Build a Debris Hut
- Choosing the Best Survival Knife
- Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items
- Blending Modern and Native American Survival Skills
- Building a Fire Pit
- Creating Primitive Stone Tools
- Camping Knots for Wilderness Survival
- Wilderness Survival School Classes at Alderleaf
- How to Read a Compass
- Basic Survival Skills
- Causes of Hypothermia
- Primitive Survival Weapons for Acquiring Food
- Giardia Symptoms and Treatment
- Pemmican Recipes
- Survival Bow Making Instructions
- How to Read a Map: Topographical Map
- Flint Knapping Tools
- Outdoor Survival Techniques
- Snares and Traps for Survival Trapping
- How to Shoot a Bow Instinctively
- Bug out Bag: Being Prepared for Emergencies
- Survival Essentials: What Matters Most
- The Bowline Knot
- Outdoor Survival Training
- Pacific Northwest Weather
- Bow Hunting Games
- Wilderness Evasion
- Native American Basket Weaving
- Make a Water Filter
- Building a Quinzee
- Wilderness First Aid Kit
- Survival Snares: Construction and Use
- Handdrill: Parts and Technique
- Primitive Fishing Techniques
- Wilderness Survival Quiz
- Cordage: Making Natural Rope
- Build a Survival Stove
- Top 5 Survival Books
- Survival Gear List: The Survival Essentials
- Survival Water Purification
- Survival Plants

- Bow Drill Fire in the Pacific Northwest
- Winter Survival Trip
- Survival Shows: Entertainment vs Reality
- Deer Hide Tanning
- Survival Fire Starters
- The Dakota Fire Hole
- How to Sharpen a Knife
- How to Make a Fire
- Survival Clothing
- Hand Drill Fire
- The Mora Knife
- How to Make an Atlatl
- Survival Gear Checklist: Ten Essential Systems
- Paracord
- Finding the Best Bushcraft Knife
- How to Tie a Clove Hitch
- Building a Survival Shelter
- Survival Fish Trap
- Survival Fire Fungus: Birch Polypore
- Fire Pit Construction for Survival
- Flint Knapping Arrowheads: Beyond the Basics

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Articles

- Wild Edible Plants: Benefits, Hazards, and Major Groups
- Coniferous Forest Plants of the Pacific Northwest
- Plants That Repel Mosquitoes
- Pacific Bleeding Heart Plants
- Red Huckleberry Plants: A Valuable Northwest Native
- Wild Strawberry Plants: The Sweetest Little Gift of the Forest
- Medicinal Uses of Elderberry Plants
- Five Temperate Rainforest Plants to Know in the Pacific Northwest
- List of Medicinal Plants in the Temperate Rainforest
- Identifying Wild Mushrooms
- Edible Weeds: A Different Perspective
- Blackberry Plants - One of the Tastiest Wild Fruits
- Fiddlehead Ferns: Springtime Edible Treats
- Edible Berries: Wild Delights
- Edible Wild Mushrooms
- Poisonous Mushrooms
- Types of Evergreen Trees: The Best Ones for Wilderness Survival
- Tree Identification: Key Features for Identifying Trees
- Tincture Recipes Article
- Plant Identification: Newcomb's Wildflower Method
- Herbal Cold Remedy from Wild Plants
- Types of Mushrooms: For Medicine and Permaculture
- Water Hemlock - A Deadly Poisonous Plant
- Antifungal Herbs: Healing Allies
- Herbs for Allergies: Common Allies
- Plants in the Desert: Living Survival Aids
- Pacific Northwest Trees
- Urban Foraging
- Natural Cold Remedies
- Chantrelle Mushrooms
- How to Make a Tincture
- How to Make Cottonwood Salve
- Antiviral Herbs
- Stinging Nettle Infusions
- Turkey Tail Mushrooms: Fungal Medicine
- Survival Plants
- Wild Edible Greens
- Foraging for Wild Edibles
- Edible Wildflowers
- Lobster Mushroom
- Edible Seaweeds
- Morel Mushrooms
- Cattail Plants - Friend of the Forager, Bushcrafter, & Basket-Maker
- Stinging Nettle Plants
- Common Burdock
- Medicinal Plants List
- Nettle for Hair
- Common Camas
- How to Dry Herbs
- Wild Mushroom Recipes
- Birch Beer Recipe
- Stinging Nettle Pesto Recipe
- Stinging Nettle Beer Recipe
- Mushroom Identification Tips

Permaculture Articles

- Medicinal Herb Gardening Using Permaculture Techniques
- Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions
- Creating a Permaculture Food Forest
- A List of Deer Resistant Plants
- Evergreen Shrubs: Best Choices for Permaculture
- Benefits of Small Backyard Ponds
- Freshwater Ecosystems: Ponds for Permaculture
- Plants for Ponds
- Floating Pond Plants: For Habitat, Food and Beauty
- Forest Food Web
- Fukuoka Farming
- Garden Companion Planting
- Growing Chives
- How to Grow Strawberries
- How to Grow Blueberries
- Worm Composting System
- Backyard Fish Farming
- Growing Oyster Mushrooms
- Building with Earthbags
- Cob Oven Construction
- Homemade Compost Bins
- Heating a Greenhouse
- Monkey Puzzle Tree
- Permaculture Principles
- Black Walnut Tree
- How to Raise Chickens
- Autumn Olive Shrubs
- Solar Ovens
- 15 Great Permaculture Plants
- Home Cheese Making
- Chicken Tractor: A Movable Chicken Pen
- Compost Tea Recipes
- Mushroom Cultivation
- How to Make Maple Syrup
- How to Homestead - 6 Ways to Go from Surviving to Thriving

Wildlife Tracking Articles

- How to Identify Deer Tracks From Other Similar Footprints
- Bobcat Tracks: Determining Male Versus Female
- Fox Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Coyote Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Mountain Lion Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Raccoon Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Skunk Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Black-tailed Deer Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Hare and Rabbit Tracks: A Field Guide Account
- American Black Bear Tracks and Sign: A Field Guide Account
- Snake Tracks: Understanding Serpent Locomotion
- The Best Places for Tracking Animals
- A List of Mammals in North America
- Recognizing Badger Habitat
- Recognizing Coyote Habitat
- Recognizing Wild Turkey Habitat
- Recognizing Wolverine Habitat
- Recognizing Bobcat Habitat
- Recognizing Woodpecker Habitat
- Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Book Review
- Recognizing Moose Habitat
- Tracking Animals: Understanding the Basics
- Wolf Tracks and Sign
- Bird Tracks: Identification by Foot Structure
- Cat Tracks: North American Species
- Finding Quality Tracking Instructors
- Skull Identification
- Human Tracking
- Wolverine Tracks & Sign
- Differentiating Dog Tracks

Birding and Bird Language Articles

- Winter Birding in the Pacific Northwest
- Hummingbird Migration
- How to Draw Birds for a Naturalist Journal
- Using Bird Sounds to Locate Animals
- Identifying Backyard Birds
- Identification of Wild Birds: Tips and Techniques
- Sharp-Shinned Hawk and Cooper's Hawk
- Free Birdhouse Plans
- Bird Communication
- Black-capped chickadee
- Bird Feather Identification
- Hummingbird Habitat
- Bird Behavior
- Bird Language: Understanding the Fundamentals
- Bald Eagle Habitat
- Bird Identification

Nature Education Articles

- Outdoor Games for Children
- Becoming a Good Nature Instructor
- Nature Scavenger Hunt
- Coyote Teaching

Additional Nature and Wilderness Skills Articles:

- Nature Photography for Beginners
- Identify Spiders: A How-to Guide
- Identify Snakes: A How-to Guide
- Wildlife Pencil Drawings
- Black Bear Pictures
- Tent Camping Checklist
- Swamp Ecosystem: Ecology and Survival
- Ecosystem Succession: Disturbance and Recovery
- Black Bear Attacks
- Facts About Amphibians
- Field Herpetology
- Bear Attacks
- Camping Food List
- Identifying Amphibian Eggs

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