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Nature Skills & Wilderness Survival School

Welcome to Alderleaf Wilderness College, a wilderness survival school and outdoor education center. Alderleaf offers courses on wilderness survival, wild edible & medicinal plants, permaculture, wildlife tracking, and more.

"If you want to learn about wilderness skills from extremely knowledgeable instructors, then Alderleaf is for you. I learned more than I ever thought possible at their classes." -Casey Kafka

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The Essential Skills of Wilderness Survival 
(paperback and ebook versions available)
This beautifully-organized, 164-page survival book shows you our systematic approach to survival that will increase your confidence in the outdoors and teach you exactly what to do, and in what order, if you find yourself in a survival situation.
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Discover key strategies of shelter, water, fire, food... and many more survival skills to grow your outdoor knowledge - which you could one day use to save both yours and other people's lives.

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Featured Program:

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

(Online Course)
Learn the core skills of survival in a format that allows you to participate at home and at your own pace.
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Popular Courses:

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course
Learn how to utilize a diversity of native wild plants for food and medicine in the wilderness or at home.
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Weekend Wilderness Survival Course
Learn the most important skills for survival: shelter, water, fire, and food while gaining practical, hands-on experience.
(learn more) Accepting registrations

Wild Mushroom Identification Class
Learn the skills needed to forage for wild edible mushrooms! Spend a day learning about these magnificent fungi.
(learn more) Accepting registrations

Wildlife Tracking Walks
Discover the hidden world of animal signs that surround us all the time, while exploring local forests and riverbanks.
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Custom Courses, Presentations, and Consulting
Customized wilderness skills education for groups, organizations, individuals, and families. Virtual and in-person options.
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More Courses and Events...

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Testimonials on Alderleaf - Nature & Survival School:

"Alderleaf Wilderness College is outstanding at developing and delivering wilderness skills programs, providing both a deep level of knowledge and context for the teachings."
-Ryan Whisnant

"I would recommend Alderleaf to anyone wanting to reconnect with nature and a desire to live simply, with and for the land. Through their program I have become the change I was waiting for!"
-Jase Grimm

"Alderleaf provides a wide range of studies that will increase anyone's knowledge and understanding of the natural world."
-Seth Anthony

"Every course I've taken at Alderleaf Wilderness College has had a huge positive impact on my life and changed the way I look at, approach, and relate to the world around me."
-Tyler Shannon

"Alderleaf is a wonderful school for learning how to live with the earth and not just on it."
-Gianna Torres

"Alderleaf Wilderness College's staff uses teaching styles that allows for all kinds of learners to learn and have fun. I use this knowledge all the time. I would highly recommend this wilderness survival school to others."
-Rocco Gianni

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Our New Book (and Best Seller!)
The Essential Skills of Wilderness Survival
This beautifully-organized, 164-page survival guide shows you our systematic approach to survival that will increase your confidence in the outdoors and teach you exactly what to do, and in what order, if you find yourself in a survival situation.
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wilderness survival guideThe Six Keys to Survival:
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