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Weekend Wilderness Survival
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Jan 19-20, 2019 or
Offered again: Feb 23-24, 2019 or
Offered again: May 4-5, 2019 or
Offered again: Jun 15-16, 2019 or
Offered again: Aug 17-18, 2019 or

Offered again: Nov 2-3, 2019

Duration: Sat 9am - Sun 4pm
Location: Monroe, WA
Instructors: Alderleaf staff
Cost: $300

Learn the most important wilderness survival skills: natural shelter construction, water purification, primitive fire making, and obtaining wild edible foods. This class is a combination of practical information, demonstrations, and hands-on experience with each of the skills.

Wilderness survival skills not only provide valuable tools that can be life-saving in the wilderness, but also teach concepts useful in the event of a natural disaster. Survival skills enhance our connection to nature and connect us with our ancestral roots. In this course, you gain the knowledge and experience to meet basic wilderness survival challenges.

In this course you will:

  • Build an emergency survival shelter
  • Make a bow drill fire making kit
  • Learn about animal tracking for survival
  • Identify and collect wild edible plants
  • Purify water using rock boiling
  • Make a primitive survival trap

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Wilderness Survival Course Testimonials:

"Wow! Who knew survival could be so fun! I felt like a warrior and a master of fire. I got rid of a lot of my old fears and feel prepared to go out on a safe, warm, and happy backpacking trip."
-Michelle Shannon

"I really enjoyed all the hands-on training. It was an amazing experience. The course really made me aware of my environment and my abilities as a human."
-Carrie Lawshe

"This course has deepened my interest in all aspects of wilderness education. I loved every minute of it and would take the year-long program if I could."

"Awesome time! Learned so much and so much fun - great people and experience!"

"The experience of getting out into the woods and putting shelter and fire skills to the test for the first time in a controlled environment was infinitely more helpful than a book or video."
-Jeff L.

“The course gave me tools to use in a survival situation but also provided a knowledge base to help me look at the world around me in a new, more resourceful way. Thank you very much!”
-Lindsey Pepper

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