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Wildlife Trailing Class

Wildlife Trailing Course

Date: May
 21, 2022 (full)
Offered again: Oct 15, 2022 (full)
Duration: 9am - 3pm
Location: North Bend, WA
Instructor: Chris Byrd
Cost: $147

Learn how to follow subtle tracks & sign to find animals at our Wildlife Trailing Course!

The skill of wildlife trailing was used by all our ancestors to find animals for survival. In today's world these field skills continue to be valuable in hunting, as well as being tremendously useful for wildlife research and conservation projects, and wildlife photography.

Trailing is an exciting skill set that combines sensory awareness, stealth, track & sign interpretation, and strategy.

In this course you will:

  • Learn the keys to effective trailing
  • Understand the three types of trailing conditions
  • Learn track aging and interpretation for trailing
  • Trail elk or deer through varied terrains

This course is also great preparation for taking the Cybertracker trailing evaluation for tracker certifications.

The class is held at field sites where there are opportunities to trail elk, deer, black bear, and cougar. The field-based course includes instruction and coaching in trailing skills while following fresh animal tracks.

Please note: To participate in this class, you must be capable of hiking off-trail through thick brush, muddy swamps, and on uneven terrain.

(Expand your learning by also participating in a Wildlife Tracking Walk to learn the basics of track & sign identification!)

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