Wilderness Survival Courses

Alderleaf offers a variety of wilderness survival courses. Learn outdoor survival skills, bushcraft, primitive skills, and self sufficiency. Choose from weekend classes, week-long courses, nine-month training programs, or an online course.

Alderleaf teaches both primitive and modern wilderness survival skills that empower people to be prepared and at home in the outdoors.

Courses include:

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills (Online Course) - Learn the core skills of survival in a format that allows you to participate at your own pace.

Weekend Wilderness Survival Course - Learn the most important skills for survival: shelter, water, fire and food. Gain practical, hands-on experience.

3-Day Bow Making Course - Learn how to make a wooden long bow. Build and take home a bow, an arrow, and the skills to make more.

5-Day Wilderness Survival Skills Intensive - Spend five full days immersed in studying outdoor survival skills. Detailed instruction and hands-on practice.

Nine-Month Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program - Our most comprehensive course. Training in survival, nature skills, and sustainability.

Nine-Month Advanced Wilderness Skills Program - A second year of advanced nature and survival training for Certification Program graduates.

Weekend Primitive Hunting Tools Course - Learn how to build an atlatl, bola, rabbit stick, sling, and quickie survival bow at this course.

Weekend Survival & Tracking for Hunters - Learn wilderness survival and wildlife tracking skills specifically applicable to hunting.

Weekend Flintknapping Course - Learn how to make spear points, arrow points, knives, and a variety of other stone tools using obsidian.

Weekend Knife Making Course - Forge your own knife while learning about steel selection, basic metallurgy, profiling, heat‐treating, grinding, and more.

1-Day Survival Fire Making Skills Class - Learn how to create fire with natural materials. Gain experience with bow drill, hand drill, and flint & steel.

Weekend Overnight Survival Course - Learn more survival skills and put them to practice in a guided overnight survival experience.

3-Day Brain Tanning Course - Learn how to turn animal hides into beautiful brain-tanned leather for clothing and survival projects.

Weekend Axe Forging Course - Learn basic metallurgy, forging, heat treating, and hafting while you produce a backcountry axe to take home.

Weekend Arrow Making Course - Learn about forging arrowheads, shafting materials, hafting, cutting self nocks, fletching, and more.

Online registration is available for many of our wilderness courses.
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Discounts for our Wilderness Survival Courses - Receive 10% Off!

We offer three ways to receive a 10% discount for our short courses (day-long, weekend, and week-long wilderness courses):

1. Early Registration Discount: Register at least two months prior to the start date and receive a 10% discount; or

2. Family/Friend Discount: Register together with a family member or friend at the same time and receive a 10% discount; or

3. Multiple Class Discount: Register for more than one class at the same time and receive a 10% discount.

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