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Wilderness Survival Skills Intensive

Wilderness Survival Skills
Intensive Course Details:

Dates: TBD
Duration: 9:30am-3:30pm, Mon-Fri
Location: Monroe, WA
Instructors: Alderleaf staff
Cost: TBD

Spend five days immersed in studying outdoor survival skills! Wilderness skills not only provide valuable tools that can be life-saving in the outdoors, but also teach concepts needed in the event of a natural disaster. Survival skills enhance our relationship with the natural world and connect us with our ancestral roots.

This course includes detailed instruction and hands-on experience with:

  • Survival shelters for all seasons
  • Primitive fire starting skills
  • Identifying and harvesting wild edible plants
  • Locating and purifying water
  • Primitive hunting and trapping
  • Identifying animal tracks and sign
  • Stone survival tools
  • Nature observation and awareness
  • Primitive cooking and much more...
  • Class days are full of activities and instruction. Students construct a variety of survival tools to take home and have the opportunity to spend a night in a survival shelter (optional). Includes free camping at the Alderleaf campus.

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    Special note: Parents can register their kids to attend the Wilderness Skills Camp for Youth which runs concurrently.


    "The Wilderness survival course gave me tools to use in a survival situation, but also provided a knowledge base to help me look at the world around me in a new, more resourceful way. Thank you very much!"
    -Lindsay P.

    "The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced. Their stories make the course much better than trying to learn from books or the internet."
    -Andy S.

    "Alderleaf's instructors are a wonderful resource. We're so fortunate to have them in our area. I was able to create the tools for making fire, purifying water, even making a survival shelter. I came here thinking I would see experts demonstrate advanced skills in wild crafting. I never thought I personally would experience the kind of success I did; making fire for the first time is awe inspiring. Thank you!"
    - Wilderness Survival Course Participant

    "A wide-ranging sampler of survival and primitive living skills. Exposed me to lots of ideas to practice on my own and explore. Nothing like instant feedback of real instructors over read a book."
    -Alfred S.

    "This was a truly profound experience. I learned a ton about survival and myself in the process."
    -Mallory R.

    "The survival intensive was a life changing experience. I will never see, hear, or move through the wilderness the same way again!"
    -Eric W.

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