Survival Knots, Cordage,
& Lashings Class

Survival Knots, Cordage, & Lashings
Course Details
Date: Sep 14, 2024
Duration: 10am - 3pm
Location: Monroe, WA
Instructor: Alderleaf staff
Cost: $147

survival knots class

Learn how to make cordage (survival cord, string, and rope) and how to tie the most useful knots and lashings for wilderness survival. Survival knots and lashings are used in bow drill fire making kits, primitive shelters, survival traps & snares, primitive fishing nets, baskets, gear repair, emergency rescues, and much more.

Gain hands-on practice on cordage making techniques using natural fibers from wild plants. Learn how to make important knots and lashings, including bends, hitches, loop knots, tripod lashings, and more. The class includes detailed instruction, handouts, and practical projects.

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