2019 Calendar of Courses and Events

Dates: Course: Cost:
Open Essential Wilderness Survival Skills (online) $195
Jan 19-20 Wilderness Survival Course $300
Jan 22-24 Wilderness First Aid Course (WFA) $225
Jan 26-27 Knife Making Course (full) $450*
Jan 29-31 Wilderness First Aid Course (WFA) $225
Feb 23-24 Wilderness Survival Course $300
Feb 23-24 Knife Making Course $450*
Feb 28-Mar 10 Wilderness First Responder Course (WFR) $600
Mar 16-17 Primitive Hunting Tools Course $450
Mar 23-24 Knife Making Course (full) $450*
Mar 23 Intro to Mushroom Cultivation Class $300
Mar 30-31 Survival & Tracking for Hunters Course $400
Apr 14 Alderleaf Open House Free!
Apr 19-29 2-Day Track & Sign Evaluations (limited space) $250
Apr 20-21 Home-Scale Permaculture Course $300
May 4-5 Wilderness Survival Course $300
May 4-5 Knife Making Course (full) $450*
May 11-12 Wildlife Trailing Course $400
May 11-12 Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course $350
May 17-20 2-Day Trailing Evaluations (limited space) $300
Jun 15-16 Wilderness Survival Course $300
Jun 22-23 Flintknapping Course $450
Jun 29-30 Knife Making Course $450*
Jun 29-30 Bird Language Course $350
Jul 8-12 Wilderness Skills Camp for Youth $300
Jul 13-14 Knife Making Course $450*
Aug 3-4 Knife Making Course $450*
Aug 17-18 Wilderness Survival Course $300
Aug 17-18 Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course $350
Aug 23-25 Wooden Bow Making Course $450
Oct 5-6 Knife Making Course $450*
Oct 12 Wild Mushroom ID Class $125
Oct 13 Wild Mushroom ID Class $125
Nov 2-3 Wilderness Survival Course $300
Nov 9 Survival Fire Making Skills Class $125
Nov 16-17 Knife Making Course $450*
begins Feb 8, 2020 Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship $2,500
Open Essential Wilderness Survival Skills (online) $195

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Course Discounts - Receive 10% Off!

We offer three ways to receive a 10% discount for our short courses (day-long, weekend, and week-long courses):

1. Early Registration Discount: Register at least two months prior to the start date and receive a 10% discount; or

2. Family/Friend Discount: Register together with a family member or friend at the same time and receive a 10% discount; or

3. Multiple Class Discount: Register for more than one class at the same time and receive a 10% discount.

(Please note: To receive the the discount, you must register by phone or postal mail, as our online registration system is unable to calculate discounts)

(*Knife Making Courses are excluded from discounts.)

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