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Alderleaf eNewsletter, June 2012 - Oyster Mushrooms, Fish Farming, Permaculture Design Course!
June 19, 2012

Welcome to the June 2012 eNewsletter from Alderleaf Wilderness College!

In this issue...

1.) Two Feature Articles! Backyard Fish Farming and Growing Oyster Mushrooms
Think outside the box! Stack functions and increase the productivity of your land with these unique, permaculture-inspired food systems...

2.) Summer Permaculture Design Course!
Learn how to work with nature to create a more sustainable world while earning a Permaculture Design Certificate...

3.) Upcoming Summer Courses!
Wilderness Survival Series, Cob Oven Workshop, Human Tracking Class, and much more...

Two Feature Articles! - Backyard Fish Farming and
Growing Oyster Mushrooms

Have you considered the benefits of backyard fish farming? Fish farming is a very old practice that can be fun, productive and rewarding. As many wild fish stocks are being depleted around the world, fish farming is becoming one of the solutions for a more sustainable future. The application of permaculture practices is inspiring backyard fish farms as a sustainable food production system...(Read more)

Growing oyster mushrooms is fun, simple and a great addition to many gardens, yards, and any permaculture-oriented sustainable homestead. As gardeners we often like to grow flowers, veggies, and fruit. We mulch our garden beds with straw or wood chips to retain moisture. We might use logs for a naturalistic edging. The plants grow in the soil, but what grows in the mulch or the edging? Mushrooms! ...(Read more)

Summer Permaculture Design Course!

Learn how to work with nature to create a more sustainable world!

Earn a Permaculture Design Certificate while gaining hands-on experience. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement sustainable living systems in balance with natural ecosystems.

Through this course you become proficient at applying nature-based permaculture design for both personal and professional use, to promote healthy communities and a meaningful, fulfilling lifestyle. Upon completion of the course, you receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, an internationally-recognized credential for sustainability consulting!

Learn more about the Permaculture Design Course!

Upcoming Summer Courses!

Check out what's coming up!

Dates: Course:
Jun 23 Wilderness Survival Series begins
Jun 23-24 Wilderness Survival Weekend Course
Jun 30 Survival Stone Tools Class
Jul 1 Survival Knots, Cordage, & Lashings Class
Jul 7-8 Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course
Jul 9 Self Sufficiency Series begins
Jul 9-13 Wilderness Survival Skills Intensive
Jul 13-15 Wooden Bow Making Course
Jul 14 Introduction to Permaculture Class
Jul 21-22 Survival Trapping & Tracking Course
Jul 28 Wilderness Orienteering & Navigation Class
Jul 29 Survival Nature Awareness Class
Jul 30-Aug 10 Permaculture Design Course
Aug 10-12 Cob Oven Workshop
Aug 18-19 Human Tracking Course
Sep 1 Wilderness Instructor Apprenticeship begins
Sep 4 Wilderness Certification Program begins
Sep 8 Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship begins
Oct 20 Wild Mushroom Identification Class
Nov 3 Survival Fire Making Skills Class
Nov 24-25 Wilderness Survival Weekend Course

Learn more about classes at our Courses page!

Considering the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program?

There's still time to apply for the 2012-2013 school year!
Class begins September 4th, 2012.

Check out the Certification Program web page!

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