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Jason Knight Bio

Jason Knight is the director, a co-founder, and an instructor at Alderleaf Wilderness College and the author of The Essential Skills of Wilderness Survival. He has taught nature skills for over twenty-five years, with expertise in wildlife tracking and wilderness survival skills. He is a seasoned wildlife biologist and wilderness educator, having worked with conservation organizations, government agencies, and in the private sector. Jason is certified as a Senior Tracker (Track & Sign Specialist and Trailing Specialist) through CyberTracker Conservation International. He received a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology & Environmental Education from The Evergreen State College and holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. Jason has managed cougar studies for the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife and assisted with gray wolf research in central Idaho. He worked on many wildlife projects through Wetland Resources, Inc and consulted as a local wilderness expert for the "Coastal Catastrophe" episode of the Discovery Channel's Dual Survival television program. He contributed photos to the field guide "Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest" and conducted fieldwork for the book "Tracks & Sign of Reptiles & Amphibians". Jason also enjoys construction projects on the campus farm, spending time with his family, and playing guitar.

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