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Monkey Puzzle Trees, Photo Highlights, & Upcoming Courses - Alderleaf eNews, Dec 2015
December 29, 2015

Welcome to the December 2015 eNewsletter from Alderleaf Wilderness College!

In this issue...

1.) Recent Photo Highlights
See what some of our students and staff have been up to over the last couple months...

2.) Feature Article: The Monkey Puzzle Tree
Learn about the edible uses and significance of the monkey puzzle tree, a plant useful to permaculturists...

3.) 2016 Course Dates
Give the gift of wilderness skills education this holiday season. Check out the 2016 course calendar...

Recent Photo Highlights!

Wilderness Certification Program students learning about survival cooking techniques, including steam pits and earth ovens!

As part of permaculture classes, students learned how to inoculate alder logs with oyster mushroom spores, to cultivate these edible mushrooms.

Students learning how to follow tracks and sign to find elk, in the beautiful upper Snoqualmie Valley, beneath Mount Si!

Group photo of students showing off their rabbitsticks at the survival hunting and game processing class day.

Students having fun with the "nutty squirrels" blindfolded awareness game during the "naturalist olympics" celebration before winter break.

Staff member getting started on constructing the new greenhouse classroom!

Steady progress being made on the greenhouse classroom project during the students' winter break.

Learn all about the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program.

Feature Article: The Monkey Puzzle Tree

By Chris Byrd

Monkey puzzle trees are becoming an increasing part of the suburban landscape in the Pacific Northwest. People often plant these South American natives for their unique appearance and ability to grow with minimal upkeep in our cool, maritime climate. However, most people remain unaware of their potential for home-scale permaculture as a food source, nor realize the great significance this species has in its native range... Continue reading

2016 Course Dates!

Give the gift of wilderness skills education this holiday season! Alderleaf weekend courses make a great gift. Check out the 2016 dates!


Dates: Course: Cost:
Jan 30-31 Knife Making Course $330
Mar 26-27 Knife Making Course $330
Apr 2-3 Wilderness Survival Course $250
Apr 23-24 Home-Scale Permaculture Course $250
Apr-May Track & Sign Evaluations (limited space) $225
May 14-15 Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course $250
May 21-22 Knife Making Course $330
Jun 18-19 Wilderness Survival Course $250
Jun 25-26 Reptile & Amphibian Tracking Course $250
Jul 9-10 Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course $250
Jul 11-15 Wilderness Survival Skills Intensive $600
Jul 11-15 Wilderness Skills Camp for Youth $250
Aug 19-21 Wooden Bow Making Course $300
Aug 20-21 Wilderness Survival Course $250
Aug 27-28 Wildlife Tracking Course $250
Sep 6 Wilderness Certification Program begins $12,950
Sep 9 Advanced Wilderness Skills Program begins $12,950
Sep 10-11 Knife Making Course $330
Sep 17-18 Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course $250
Oct 8-9 Overnight Survival Course $250
Oct 8 Wild Mushroom Identification Class $85
Oct 15 Wild Mushroom Identification Class $85
Oct 22 Wild Mushroom Identification Class $85
Nov 5-6 Wilderness Survival Course $250
Nov 12 Survival Fire Making Skills Class $85
Nov 19-20 Knife Making Course $330

Considering the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program?

The application period for the 2016-2017 school year is now open. Classes begin September 6th, 2016. Visit the Certification Program page.

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