Wildlife Tracking & Trailing Course

wildlife tracking course

Wildlife Tracking & Trailing Course Details:
Dates: Sep 14-15, 2024
Duration: 9am Sat - 3pm Sun
Location: Field sites near Monroe, WA
Instructor: Chris Byrd
Cost: $297

Discover the fascinating world of wildlife tracking & trailing! Learn to identify, interpret, and follow the tracks and signs of wild animals while gaining a new awareness of of the natural world. Wildlife tracking skills enhance outdoor experiences, are a valuable tool for wilderness survival, and can be used to contribute to wildlife research & conservation.

This course covers track & sign identification, interpreting behaviors from track patterns, how to find animals by following the subtle clues they leave behind (the skill of trailing), and more. The course is a mixture of engaging presentations and ample hands-on field practice along beautiful local rivers and forests.

Wildlife tracking skills are an invaluable tool to both the outdoor enthusiast and environmental professional. Accurate track and sign identification skills allow you to quickly assess species present in an area. Information gathered from tracks & sign can also support wildlife management and conservation efforts.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to accurately identify tracks and sign of a variety of wildlife
  • Learn to interpret gaits, track patterns, and behaviors
  • Go on interpretive hikes at ideal tracking sites along local rivers & forests
  • Learn how to find and follow subtle tracks, sign, and other clues to find animals (the skill of "trailing")

Please note: To participate in this class, you must be capable of hiking off-trail through thick brush, and on uneven terrain.

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Wildlife Tracking Course Testimonials:

"Very well rounded for a two day course. Covered a lot of basics and left me wanting more! Opened my eyes to what seems to be the obvious. Thank you!"

-Karley D., Tracking Course Participant

"Great introduction to tracking. Especially liked the plaster casting and the slide show. Would definitely take another course. Great instructors!"
-Tracking Course Participant

“Very pleased with the whole weekend. It created an interest that I can share with my kids and wife. Thank you very much!”
-Bill Gilles, Tracking Course Participant

“Very practical; presented logically with great emphasis on enthusiasm, detail and passion.”
-Tracking Course Participant

“This is a great way to learn which animals are in the area and what they are using for survival.”
-Tracking Course Participant

"The course had a huge positive impact and changed the way I look at, approach, and relate to the natural world around me."
-Tyler S., Tracking Course Participant

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