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Gabe Garms

Gabe Garms is passionate about permaculture, ethnobotany, bird language, and wilderness survival skills. He wrote several articles while teaching at Alderleaf. He is a graduate of the Wilderness Certification Program, holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and a Cybertracker Tracking Certification. Before Alderleaf, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in both Marketing and Information Systems from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is originally from Chicago and spends his free time birding, gardening, playing music and constantly improving his survival skill set.

Articles by Gabe Garms on the Alderleaf Website:

- Bow Drill Fire in the Pacific Northwest

- Winter Survival Trip

- Survival Shows: Entertainment vs Reality

- Antiviral Herbs

- Stinging Nettle Infusions

- Homemade Compost Bins 

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