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Chris Byrd

Chris Byrd is a core instructor at Alderleaf, including leading the Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship. He has been a naturalist in the Pacific Coast states for the last twenty years. Chris holds a Track & Sign Specialist Certification and has been trailing animals in the Pacific Northwest intensively for the last ten years. Chris has taught tracking and ecology for a number of local organizations including the North Cascades Institute, Wilderness Awareness School, Wild Whatcom, The Cascade Land Conservancy, and Western Washington University.  He has a post-graduate degree in education from Humboldt State University, and in 2009 completed WAS's year-long outdoor skills program.  Chris also currently co-runs the Cascadia Naturalist Association, a community outdoor program for adults based in Bellingham, WA.

Articles by Chris Byrd on the Alderleaf Website:

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