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Additional Wilderness Resources

Welcome to the wilderness resources page where you can find information on environmental jobs and additional organizations that are involved in the field of Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Job Listings for Environmental Careers
Visit our job listings page for reviews and links to excellent outdoor and environmental employment websites.

The following organizations also offer education in the field of Traditional Ecological Knowledge:

Big Oak Wilderness School - Nolensville, TN
Bullock's Permaculture Portal - Orcas Island, WA*
Bushcraft Camp, Survival from Natural Pathways - Canterbury/Kent, UK
Coyote Trails School of Nature - Ashland, OR
Earth Native Wilderness School - Austin, TX***
Earth School - Tryon, NC
Earth Tracks - South River, ON
Earthwork Programs - Williamsburg, MA
Foraging with the "Wildman" - Mamaroneck, NY
Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School - Silver Star, MT
Institute for Permaculture & Nature Awareness - County Kerry, Ireland**
Keeping Track - Huntington, VT*
Leoniak Tracking Services - Marlboro, VT
Maine Primitive Skills School - Augusta, ME - Boerne, TX
The Wild Nature Project - Bloomington, IN**
Quiet Heart Wilderness School - Edmonds, WA*
Roots School - Montpelier, VT**
Tracks and Tales Nature School - Duvall, WA
Victor Wooten's Bass & Nature Camp - Nashville, TN
White Pine Programs - Cape Neddick, ME
Wildlife Tracking in North America - Davis, CA*
Wildlife Tracking Southwest - Cedar Crest, NM**/*
Wildwood Survival - Ontario, Canada
Woodland Survival Crafts - Ashbourne/Derbyshire, UK
Woodsmoke - Cockermouth/Cumbria, UK

(*adjunct instructor or guest presenter at Alderleaf Wilderness College)
(**founded by a former student of Jason Knight )
(***founded by a former Alderleaf instructor)

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