Outdoor Careers:
Job Listings for Outdoor Education and Related Environmental Fields

Welcome to our resources page on outdoor careers: job listings for outdoor education, conservation, wildlife, sustainability, and related environmental fields. We originally created this resource as a service for students and graduates of our Wilderness Certification Program.

Alderleaf Wilderness College has reviewed many job listing websites and has found the following sites to include the most thorough and up-to-date information for outdoor education and related environmental fields.

Job Listings for Outdoor Education at OutdoorEd.com
OutdoorEd.com provides an excellent search tool that allows you to search outdoor jobs by a variety of criteria, such as geographic region, job type, and populations served.

Job Board at Texas A&M Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
The Texas A&M page is an excellent site for finding environmental field work including wildlife research, avian studies, botanical surveys, and much more.

Outdoor Careers Listed at EcoEmploy.com
EcoEmploy provides a diverse mix of listings in both educational positions and research jobs. They also provide an eco-job mailing list.

Google Group for Outdoor Education Jobs
This Google Groups page creates a space for employers and potential employees to meet. Environmental job seekers can also post "looking for work" requests.

Environmental Education Jobs at BackDoorJobs.com
BackDoorJobs.com's environmental jobs listings provide detailed information about organizations and the qualifications required for each job.

Adventure Education Jobs at Wilderdom.com
Wilderdom.com provides links to a variety of additional sites for finding outdoor and environmental jobs, as well as advice for working in the field of outdoor education.

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