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Student Testimonials

Read what participants have to say about their experiences at Alderleaf courses. Further down the page you can watch video testimonials from graduates of the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program.

"I can honestly say that my time in the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program was incredibly instrumental in changing my own paradigms about myself and the world around me. My time here has been fun, immensely informative, and dramatically rewarding."

-Jason Cameron, Wilderness Certification Program graduate

"I would recommend the Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program to anyone wanting to reconnect with nature and a desire to live simply, with and for the land. Through this program I have become the change I was waiting for!"

-Jase Grimm, Wilderness Certification Program graduate

"The wilderness survival course truly opened my eyes to how wonderful and plentiful the outdoors is. Knowledge is empowering. It was truly a life changing event!"

-Zuri Biringer, Wilderness Survival Course participant

"I really enjoyed all the hands-on training. It was an amazing experience. The course really made me aware of my environment and my abilities as a human."

-Carrie Lawshe, Wilderness Survival Course participant

"Very comprehensive and very knowledgeable instructors! The majestic beauty of the site really enables you to be “in the wild” yet next to the amenities of a camp."

-Lee Cherry, Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course participant

"Great course, good pace, and good mix of teaching, hands-on activities, and demonstrations on how to make tinctures, decoctions, infusions, and salves."

-Wolf Heller, Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course participant

“Fantastic program that teaches life-long skills and how to care for the Earth, care for people and plan for the future of our world.”

-Michelle Shannon, Permaculture Course participant

"I’m very pleased with the wildlife tracking course at Alderleaf Wilderness College. It created an interest that I can share with my family!"

-Bill Gilles, Wildlife Tracking Course participant

"Since the class I have been spotting wildlife sign left and right when I go into the woods. We learned how carnivores use the landscape and how that knowledge can easily facilitate finding both tracks and sign in predictable locations."

-Kyle Koloini, Wildlife Tracking Course participant

“I would strongly recommend visiting Alderleaf Wilderness College. Here is a wealth of knowledge and experience being shared here that is not something you can find in a classroom. Thank you!”

-Carrie Lawshe, Wild Mushroom Identification Class participant

"Alderleaf has not only been a school of wilderness knowledge, it’s also taught me patience, perseverance, and deep appreciation for all that supports our lives. I now feel at home in the woods!"

-Steve Nicolini, Wilderness Certification Program graduate

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