Intro to Mushroom Cultivation Class

Intro to Mushroom Cultivation
Class Details:

Date: Mar
 23, 2019 
Duration: 9am - 4pm
Location: Monroe, WA
Cost: $300

The Intro to Mushroom Cultivation Class is a great primer for those interested in mushrooms who want to get started growing their own at home.

The course includes a short lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on practice with log inoculation, mushroom bed creation, straw bag techniques, and more. Participants will learn cultivation methods for growing shiitake, oyster, and king stropharia mushrooms.

In this course you will:

  • Learn the basics of fungi and propagation techniques
  • Learn sterilization and pasteurization methods
  • Gain an understanding of advanced cultivation methods
  • Be able to take home multiple mushroom projects

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