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Kristi Dranginis

Kristi Dranginis is an experienced naturalist, herbalist, photographer, and field ornithologist. She is the founder of where she teaches advanced birding skills, bird language and deep nature connection. Kristi has written several articles for the Alderleaf website. She has taught birding courses at Rabbitstick Rendezvous, Winter Count, The Four Corners Earth Skills Gathering, Boulder Outdoor Survival School, and The Powerhouse Science Center. Kristi also worked as a research assistant for the American Museum of Natural History’s Roseatte Tern banding project on Great Gull Island, NY with the world famous Helen Hays. She has a Bachelor of Science from Saint Anselm College. Kristi is known for igniting curiosity, child-like passion and building confidence in her students.

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Articles by Kristi Dranginis on the Alderleaf Website:

- Red Huckleberry Plants: A Valuable Northwest Native

- Wild Strawberry Plants: The Sweetest Little Gift of the Forest

- Medicinal Uses of Elderberry Plants

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