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Language of the Birds Class

Language of the Birds
Course Details:

Instructor: Alderleaf Staff
Available as a custom course
to groups upon request.
Contact us to inquire 

language of the birds song sparrow

Spend the day learning about bird language and how it can help you discover more wildlife. Learn how to interpret bird calls and behaviors that point to hidden animals on the landscape. Whether it is a bobcat camouflaged into a thicket, an owl sleeping high in a dense tree, or a deer moving off through the brush, specific bird sounds show us where to look.

The course covers:

  • Understanding the 5 voices of the birds
  • Interpreting patterns of bird alarms for different types of predators
  • Determining the most reliable alarm species
  • Wildlife observation, stalking, and awareness techniques

The course is a mixture of instruction and hands-on, field-based exercises. Participants come away with a great foundation of skills for understanding and utilizing bird language. Check out our article about bird language.

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