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Forest Stewardship Course

Forest Stewardship Course Details:
Dates: TBD
Duration: 9am Sat - 4pm Sun
Location: Monroe, WA
Instructor: Phil Bennett
Cost: $250

forest stewardship course photo cedar sapling

This course provides an introduction to sustainable home-scale forest stewardship practices and philosophies. This mindful approach to small-scale forest management promotes a healthy environment abundant with resources for people and planet.

Topics include creating wildlife habitat, basic tree biology, tree thinning and pruning, planting/transplanting, and much more. We will also have the opportunity to go into the field to put practices into action and gain hands-on experience, giving participants a balance between the knowledge and application of forest stewardship.

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Phil Bennett

Instructor: Phil Bennett has been a naturalist and wilderness guide for ten years in Washington, Idaho and California. He has taught survival skills, naturalist studies, and wilderness therapy. For the last two years he has worked in arboriculture with Down to Earth Tree Care in Duvall, WA; a company dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Phil helps to steward a 160 acre parcel in eastern Washington, a 67 acre parcel in east San Diego County, and has written a forest stewardship plan for a 20 acre parcel in western Washington. His favorite tree is Quercus robur, the English Oak.

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