Edible Wild Plants Course

Edible Wild Plants Course Details:
Date: TBD
Duration: 9am - 4pm
Location: Monroe, WA
Instructor: Alderleaf staff
Cost: $125

edible wild plants course dandelion

Learn how to utilize edible wild plants for food! This course covers a full range of uses, from quick emergency survival foods to incorporating wild plants into culinary dishes. Participants learn plant identification, ethical harvesting techniques, cooking, and preserving wild edibles. Students gain a hands-on knowledge of wild edible plants that can be incorporated into everyday life!

Join us for this fun and exciting course at the Alderleaf campus! Class is a mixture of practical information, slideshows, and hands-on field-based practice with local edibles.

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"If you love to eat, come to this course!"

- Audrey W.

"This is a wonderful course. I brought my 4 children (ages 6,8,11 & 12) with me to the class. We all had a wonderful time. The material, presentation, and especially the cooking portion at the end kept all the kids engaged the whole time. The kids particularly enjoyed the walking tour/plant identification 'hunt,' and getting to gather the plants used to make the meal later."

- Brian W.

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