Bird Language Course

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Bird Language Course Details:

Dates: Jun 29-30, 2019
Duration: Sat 9am - Sun 4pm
Location: Alderleaf Campus &
field sites - Monroe, WA
Instructor: Chris Byrd
Cost: $350

Learn how bird sounds can help you discover more wildlife!

Most of us go about our everyday lives surrounded by abundant wildlife that we never get to encounter. We typically hike through the landscape unaware that we are causing a disturbance among the birds. The birds alarm one another of our presence for their own safety and when they do, other animals take notice, allowing wildlife to hide long before we ever arrive in the area.

Much like birds alarm for people, birds will also alarm one another of other potential predators (such as a bobcat). When you learn to notice bird alarms, and reduce your own disturbance in the forest, your wildlife observations will increase dramatically. You'll spot the wildlife that's been alluding you for so long and become re-connected to the natural communication systems that surround us everyday.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the 5 voices of the birds
  • Interpreting patterns of bird alarms for different types of predators
  • Utilizing these patterns to locate predators hidden in the landscape
  • Wildlife observation, stealth, and awareness techniques

This class takes place in Monroe and at field sites. It includes a mixture of instruction and hands-on, field-based exercises. Participants come away with a great foundation of skills for understanding and utilizing bird language.

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