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Advanced Plants Course

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Advanced Plants Course Details:

Date: Aug 8-9, 2015
Duration: 9am Sat - 4pm Sun
Location: Monroe, WA
Instructors: Heather Swift
Cost: $250

Continue your learning journey and discovery of wild plants. Learn about new plants and things you can make with them that were not covered in our introductory Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Course.

Whether your are at home or on the trail, continue learning how to use a spectrum of wild plants for food and medicine. This course covers a range of uses from first aid to integrating wild plants into your daily diet and personal care.

Participants learn additional skills for plant identification, ethical harvesting and stewardship practices, processing, cooking and preparing wild plants.

The Advanced Plants Course covers:

  • Plant identification using plant family characteristics
  • Creating culinary syrups, infused oils and vinegars from wild plants
  • Medicine cabinet starters including cough syrups, throat lozenges, and headache teas
  • Herbs for self-care including lotions, healing oils, and hair rinses
  • Safe herbs for children and pregnancy
  • Basic plant compounds (glycosides, alkaloids, etc...) - what they are and how they interact with the human body
  • Harvest schedule for native medicinal and edible plants

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"This advanced class really took my passion and knowledge to another level and pushed me to really grasp these concepts and take my love for plants one step further."
 - Annabel Brennan

"Fun and great team of students. Instructors were comfortable to learn from." - Marty Holota

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