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September 2007 Contents:

Website Launches!:
The Alderleaf website is close to fully uploaded...

Tracking Article:
Learning to Identify Vole, Jumping Mouse, and Deer Mouse Tracks

Program Update:
Basic Stone Tools, day-long workshop on the Skykomish River

Alderleaf Website Launches

Alderleaf's website, www.WildernessCollege.com , is nearing completion. You can now surf over twenty webpages of information on the Alderleaf website. Stay tuned, several more program pages and articles will be posted over the next month.

Learning to Identify Vole, Jumping Mouse, and Deer Mouse Tracks

There is a wealth of fascinating wildlife tracking activity to be discovered in even the smallest pieces of habitat. Learning to track the small creatures not only can be captivating, but helps train our eyes to see finer details in the footprints of larger species.

Voles, Jumping Mice, and Deer Mice are three groupings of small rodents that can be found in most areas of North America. The following information describes how to recognize the unique tracks they leave behind.

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