Wilderness Scout Skills Intensive

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Wilderness Scout Skills
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Learn the skills of the ancient scouts - nature awareness, bird language, and more - in this exciting five day immersion program! Wilderness scouts played a vital role in hunter-gatherer cultures by traveling afar to locate food and resources, while gathering information on potential dangers. They were considered the "eyes & ears" and protectors of the tribe. Experience how ancient scout skills enhance your connection with nature and understanding of wild animals.

The course includes training in:

  • Scout survival skills
  • Nature observation techniques
  • Natural camouflages
  • Bird language interpretation
  • Stalking wildlife
  • Scout team tactics
  • Human tracking skills
  • Class days are a blend of expert instruction with a variety of hands-on experiential activities. The course is held at the beautiful 160-acre Coyote's Path Wilderness Camp in the foothills of the North Cascades. Camping and meals are provided.

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