Special Message from Jason Knight
co-founder of Alderleaf Wilderness College

Dear Friends,

I wanted to make a special announcement regarding the unique upcoming opportunities with expert tracker, Adriaan Louw of South Africa, which are fast approaching. New dates have been added, and I also wanted to tell you about my personal experiences learning from Adriaan.

In my opinion Adriaan is among the finest trackers in the world. In South Africa he is known for his ability to trail leopards, lions, and other dangerous game through challenging environments. Adriaan has trained numerous rangers, guides, and trackers around the world, served on the board of the Field Guides Association of South Africa, and is one of only a handful of senior tracker / CyberTracker evaluators.

Adriaan will be in Washington soon and will only be here for a short time. He is offering both a Trailing Workshop and an official CyberTracker Trailing Evaluation during his time here!

In his two-day field-based Trailing Workshop, Adriaan coaches a small group of participants in the ancient art of trailing - following very subtle clues to find animals. I have personally attended this course and found that his wisdom and expert guidance far exceeded my expectations. We trailed wildlife through forests, while receiving tremendous coaching, and found the animals we were trailing! At one point we tracked down a huge bull elk to within 50 feet! I highly recommend this workshop for all skill levels - whether you are completely new to tracking or have a lifetime of experience - Adriaan will show you whole new worlds and depths to tracking wildlife.

Adriaan is also running an official CyberTracker Trailing Evaluation. This is the international standard for testing and certifying competent trackers. If you have experience tracking, this is an incredible opportunity - both to become a certified tracker and as another amazing learning opportunity. Through my own experiences with the trailing evaluation, I was able to come to understand my strengths and weakness as a tracker and thus be able to better focus on improving my overall skill level. My own skills wouldn't be where they are today without these powerful learning experiences - I am much more competent at trailing as a result. Adriaan's feedback through evaluation has been priceless.

Both of these events are coming up very soon and space is limited.

The Trailing Workshop is happening Sat & Sun, Oct 16-17, 2010.
Click here to learn more.

The Trailing Evaluation is taking place Tues & Wed, Oct 19-20, 2010.
Click here to learn more.

Please call to register: 360-793-8709

Not only are we incredibly excited for both of these opportunities, but this year we are providing additional options and discounts.

New Discounts and Options: For early registrations (received by the end of the day on Monday, October 11th), we can offer a $50 discount on either the workshop or the evaluation, or a $100 dollar discount when registering for both. Also, we've opened up the trailing workshop to one-day registrations. This means if you are unable to attend the full two day course, you can register for one day at half the cost.

I really want to strongly encourage you to seriously consider these events - Adriaan is a rare gem and as trackers in North America, we are very fortunate to have him visiting our region to share his knowledge and expertise. Also, keep in mind, these opportunities may not return to our area for a long time due to changing economic conditions. This year is not one to pass up!

I hope to see you on the trail. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Jason Knight
Co-founder and Program Director
Alderleaf Wilderness College

P.S. - Please forward this message on to others who may be interested. Thanks!

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