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October 2007 Contents:

1.) Trailing Animals with Adriaan Louw
Guest instructor, Adriaan Louw, shared many tips for trailing animals through difficult terrain...

2.) Class Schedule for Spring 2008
Wilderness Survival Weekend, Wildlife Tracking for Environmental Professionals, and more...

3.) Tracking Expedition to South Africa
Alderleaf is teaming up with South African-based Limpopo Field Guiding Academy and Adriaan Louw to offer a unique opportunity...

Trailing Animals with Adriaan Louw in Central Washington

Alderleaf just wrapped up hosting Senior Tracker/Evaluator, Adriaan Louw, from South Africa for a trailing workshop. Days were spent following the trails of mule deer, coyote, elk, and human while being coached by Adriaan. Each participant rotated through the position of lead and assistant tracker, while Adriaan provided guidance. It was incredible to see each person in the group become more and more proficient on the trail with each day. On the final day, after several hours of tracking in the mossy forests of Snoqualmie Pass, the group successfully trailed three elk all the way to the animals! Our group of American trackers certainly learned much from Adriaan and the African style of trailing. Some helpful tips included:

-Look out at the sign as far ahead as possible (and keep your head up!)

-Don't get bogged down into trying to see every track and stopping when you cannot see more footprints (become comfortable with speculating ahead and checking the likely travel routes)

-Don't worry about walking on the trail and stepping on tracks, its more important to go where the animal moved, so that you can see the signs clearly

The class was a wonderful experience for all and we are looking forward to having Adriaan back next year!

Mark, Adriaan, and Jason

Class Schedule for Spring 2008

Information on spring classes are now on the Alderleaf website!

You can check out:

Wilderness Survival Skills Weekend Course in February

Carnivore Trailing with Sue Morse in March

Medicinal Plants with Chris Kenworthy in April

Wildlife Tracking for Environmental Professionals in May

Tracking Expedition to South Africa! Summer 2008

Alderleaf is teaming up with African-based Limpopo Field Guiding Academy and Adriaan Louw to offer an amazing training opportunity and adventure into the South African bush to learn tracking and trailing skills with expert local trackers. We are organizing a three to four week trip, where first half will be spent learning about African wildlife and identifying their tracks and sign and the second half of the trip will be spent trailing large dangerous game.

The trip will also include an official CyberTracker Track and Sign evaluation in Africa. We are in the early planning stages and will have detailed information available in the coming months. If you are interested please email us at: info@wildernesscollege.com. Once registration opens, the course may fill quickly!

Stay tuned for next month's issue of the Alderleaf eNewsletter, including an article on unique hand drill fire techniques.

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